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H House

This project calls for a complete interior fit out and renovation for a townhouse in north Beijing for an architect couple with two children. "Connection" is introduced as the concept, and guiding operation to transform this developer-built house. A double-height solaris/ atrium is inserted in between the two main existing volumes, with two sky-light geometrically aligned with morning and afternoon light to penetrate from the top, and  large glass wall allows a completely open connection from the living space to the garden outside. This atrium connects the different spaces within the house both horizontally and vertically, spatially and visually.

Five gardens of various sizes and themes are located at different levels and locations of the house, a sunken play garden, a roof-top vegetable garden, a linear ground bamboo garden, and a flower welcoming garden up front.

Built-in furniture and floors are made of rapidly renewable materials such as bamboo, cork and strawboard throughout the house, while the energy use is minimized with combination of ground source heat pump and radiant floor, with the help of abundance of natural light and improved natural ventilation.

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