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OPEN participated in the "Blueprint Beijing" section of the "2022 Beijing Art Biennale", with two urban research projects about Beijing spanning 12 years, “OPEN Metropolis” and “2nd Ring 2049”, responding to the exhibition theme "Blueprint" and imaging a better urban future.

In "OPEN Metropolis", OPEN presents eight representative proposals in the context of "Voids for Needs", filling the city's "voids" (inactive and inefficient public space resources) with the city's "needs" (public services, cultural and sports facilities needed for a better life).  

In "2nd Ring 2049", against the backdrop of today's worldwide environmental crisis and China's emergence as a world leader, OPEN envisions the 2nd Ring Road in Beijing transforming from an inefficient and highly polluted area into a clean, green, and vibrant urban public space. 

The exhibition opens from January 14, 2023 - March 12, 2023.

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