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Invited by Architects, not Architecture (AnA), Li Hu, founding partner of OPEN, will be joining the China Edition of their Virtual World Tour, together with Yung Ho Chang, founder of Atelier FCJZ. Hosted by Fermín Tribaldos, the talk will begin from 19:00 CST on Thursday, May 12th.

In 2015, AnA was initiated by Fermín Tribaldos and Irene Osei-Poku in Hamburg. Aiming at bringing to the stage the personalities behind the big names, AnA invites well-known architects to speak about their path, their influences and experiences, and dive deeper into their intellectual biography. This makes possible a better understanding of their work, without them even mentioning it. Over the last six years, 140 world-renowned architects from over 100 countries have been invited and shared their life stories. 

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